Monday, November 9, 2009

Part I, Chapter 12

The Eternal Fight: Apocatastasia

More than 10 Christian, and a few Jewish denominations are described as being either nationally or regionally prevalent in Hungary. Then "Nihilism" is introduced as "non-faith" or "non-belief", that proclaims "for every man only his own 'self' ought to be an object of worship, while everything else: God, homeland, fellow man, family, lover is *nothing*.

As a result of the Nihilist revolution in Russia, Alekszandra Petrovna, commonly known as Shasa, rose to power. Russia is no longer called Russia, but rather "The Country of Nihil". It is no longer home to panslavism, and does not threaten Europe with turning them all into Cossacks, but rather with turning them all into "nothing". It threatens no more with conquest, nationalist oppression, but only with the dissolution of all that is sovereign, all that is faith/belief, and all that is great.

And even before its arrival, its shaddow is upon Europe in the form of Nihil as a religion. But even within Nihilism there are various denominations, and several are mentioned.

The chapter ends with a mention that the Hungarian member of parliament Bárány Pál (would be "Paul Lamb", were the name translated), this "Lamb of God", submitted a proposal to dissolve all religious orders in Hungary. Since all other European states have already done so, Hungary has become the last European place of refuge for a myriad monks, nuns, and Jesuits (the latter always are treated with special mention and special derision).

It is suggested that the acceptance of the proposal would create a great upheaval.

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